The Blight of Leaves

Leaf Blight is an turn-based puzzle game with a rather unique premise: prune a tree of its unhealthy leaves.


If you cared about nature, you'd save this tree.

Clicking the mouse on any leaf snips it off its branch, along with any adjacent, like-coloured leaves. All the various leaf-types have unique properties and different methods of spreading, so great care must be taken in the order in which they’re removed. Prune a tree so that only green leaves are left, and you move on to the next level.

The concept is a bit reminiscent of Go as the leaves can rapidly change colour and the player must visualize the consequences of all his actions. The execution, though, is a bit more casual-friendly due to the compartmentalized nature of the branches (leaves can’t spread from one branch to another).

There’s actually quite a lot of depth here, and the complexity of the levels is nicely layered. Each stage also introduces a new tree with its own branch-configuration (although this is mostly a visual change-up). Oftentimes there’s only one correct way to finish a level, so the score is based entirely on time bonuses. Later on in the game, the player must also keep in mind the tree’s overall health — remove too many leaves and the tree will die.

It’s a very clever game, and it’s much more fleshed out than many similar in-browser titles. Definitely worth checking out.

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