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Design Roundup #3


  • Robbing Gods – An interesting article on The Escapist about the thematic aspects of Thief: The Dark Project and how they fit into the title’s atmosphere and gameplay.
  • Bungie Publications – Various papers on Bungie’s development of the Halo series. Lots of interesting info outside of game design per se, but also some good AI breakdowns.
  • Movement Mechanics in “The Legend of Zelda” – A fairy detailed article on Link’s moveset in the original game and its sequel, and another example of why Nintendo’s games often just “feel” so good.

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What Made Those Old, 2D Platformers so Great?


A little while ago I dug into Scary Girl for not being a very fun game. This brought up some discussion about what actually makes a good 2D platformer, so I decided to expand on the topic. Below is a list of what I see as three common aspects of many classic platforming titles. These point are not the only things that made those games great, but they’re a shared base that appears again and again.

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