Blast Corps Bits


Description: A game about demolishing small city/rural areas so that a runaway nuke carrier doesn’t run into any obstacles and explode.

Conveniences: A ton of visual indicators that ensure the player is always aware of the level’s layout and goals.

Annoyances: The handling on some of the vehicles is extremely sensitive; camera controls are wonky.

Standouts: A silly yet intuitive excuse for causing lots of destruction with various types of machinery.


  • Each regular stage begins with a fly-over of the area showing a rough path from the start of the level to its finish. The player can also pause the game at any time and move the camera around to get a better view of the surroundings.
  • A unique arena is used to introduce each new vehicle. These levels do not contain a carrier but instead focus on destroying various infrastructure under a time limit.
  • Every vehicle in the game has a unique function, e.g., the Ramdozer truck can plow straight through buildings and push explosives, the Ballista motorcycle is very quick and can fire a limited amount of missiles, the J-Bomb mech can fly and “butt-stomp” buildings, etc.
  • Many levels require the player to utilize various vehicles and industrial machinery. This is necessary as some vehicles have limited ammunition and cannot possibly destroy all the necessary buildings. In other cases, it’s necessary to move trains or operate fork-lifts to properly clear a path for the carrier.
  • Switching vehicles and exploring on foot is necessary to find hidden scientists that are tucked away from the main path.
  • Grounded beacons function as collectibles, but they’re never picked up and removed from the playing field. Instead, they briefly flash when the player first moves close to them. This can result in a neat, cascading effect as multiple beacons light up in a row, but it’s actually difficult to tell whether a beacon has already been activated.
  • Whenever the player gets close to a building that’s in the carrier’s path, arrows pop up and surround the location indicating that it should be destroyed. The colour of the arrows also changes based on the carrier’s proximity to the building, and an additional arrow is placed beside the minimap to indicate the next target.


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  1. #1 by TrevHot on April 27, 2012 - 12:48 pm

    not sure how it holds up now, but i loved this back on my N64! lots of fun destruction and a quirky soundtrack!

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